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No matter what your budget is you can always afford FREE. Free employee benefits puts the icing on your benefits package whether you are offering your employees one benefit or ten. 


Voluntary Benefits (also known as supplemental benefits) are those that the employee elect to pay.  Any claim payments goes directly to the employee regardless of any other benefits they may have to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses. 


Help your employees to retire with benefits that will protect what they have worked so hard to accomplish as well as maintain the life style they deserve.


Provides assistance with medical expenses occurred during an effort to restore and monitor your employee's health.  

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Whether you are a for-profit business or a non-profit organization, we believe your employees are your most valuable asset! Therefore,We take care of your employees at NO COST to you!

1-to-1 enrollment of free, voluntary and core benefits

We provide your employees sound benefits coverage; therefore, enlarging your opportunity to attract quality employees. We help employees to understand their benefits. With understanding comes appreciation. With appreciation comes high-performing employees.

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HR Answers Now

With your enrollment of voluntary benefits, you receive complimentary access to valuable human resources site that provides daily news, tips, research tools and more. You get quick answers to thousands of HR questions in easy-to-understand everyday language.

Service you can count on

Our professional customer service team is available to help you and your employees before, during and after the enrollment. We're here and committed to help even if you experience unexpected events and challenging times, 

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